We require a $500 USD deposit for all kittens being sold as pets. This is required to reserve a kitten. This deposit is non-refundable unless the breeder is unable to provide a live, healthy kitten with a health certificate for purchase. Balance must be paid in full in CASH ONLY upon pick up. 
For all flight deposits, the full price and shipping costs must be paid in full prior to the kitten being shipped,

Please note all deposit are non-refundable no exceptions: including if buyer changes mind or decides not to proceed with adoption.

The prospective caregiver/buyer/adoptee agrees to the following: 

~Cats are to live in a private residence as companion animal only. This kitten is not for breeding and needs to be altered before the age of 8 months. CFA registration papers given after proof of castration has been sent to the breeder/seller. 

~A veterinarian must be chosen at time of adoption.

~ Breeder/seller is not responsible for any veterinarian or travel expense costs associated with this kitten/cat after
release from this cattery. This includes but is not limited to an initial exam, office visits, lab tests,
vaccinations, medications, surgery, time off work, or fuel for your automobile. Either at initial visit or for any
future visits. No medical care is authorized or will be paid for by the seller. All shipping costs are NON-REFUNDABLE.

~ agrees to provide the cat with sufficient quantities of nutritious food and fresh water each day in addition to regular day to day maintenance.

 ~This cat/kitten is never to have the cat declawed.  

 ~This cat is adopted fully vetted with current health certificate and all vaccinations as well as feline leukemia/aids negative, fecal and ear mite negative. This cat is found to be in excellent condition at time of adoption. Buyer/adoptee understands and agrees to having the kitten/cat seen by their licensed veterinarian as a 2nd opinion on health as well as setting up this cat/kitten as a new patient that Vet.

~Kittens should be kept separate from other pets until checked by your vet. We suggest for a minimum of 14 days that the animal purchased is quarantined from other animals within the household. This kitten/cat is to be kept indoors at all times. 

~kittens/cat’s vaccinations are to be kept current and adequate veterinary care as needed, should any sickness, disease or injury arise this kitten/cat is to be treated.  We do not recommend FIP or Feline Leukemia vaccines additionally doing so will null and void any health guarantees. 

 ~No health guarantees made on adult adoptions, kittens have one year (life threatening) congenital guarantee, no guarantees on nasal passages or FIP.  No guarantees made on nostrils/ nasal passages (breed is part of the snub noses type and naturally comes with higher risk). Pet insurance is highly recommended and requires to be activated in 24 hours. If done so the 1st 30 days are complimentary.

 *In the unlikely event a congenital defect is found the buyer/adoptee/caregiver needs to immediately notify the seller/former caregiver in writing. Additionally, a written (on their letterhead) statement from the licensed VETERINARIAN, signed and dated. This statement must indicate the exact findings include license #. A replacement will be discussed then. NO VET Or travel bills to be reimbursed.

~If the cat must be relinquished for any reason by the buyer/adoptee/caregiver, s/ MUST NOT turn the cat over to a humane society, shelter, pet shop, sold to another person or another breeder; in this case the kitten/cat must be offered to the seller/former caregiver and given 1st right of refusal. In most cases we will help with this kitten/cat's re-adoption.  If the phone number and/or address for the original caregiver/seller are no longer operative, the caregiver will make a good faith effort to locate and contact via email or social media/messenger.

~Please note: no veterinarian bills or travel expenses are to be covered or reimbursed. No exceptions.

 ~Buyer/adoptee/caregiver has 48 hours to return cat/kitten if they have a change of heart or no longer want to proceed with adoption. At this time funds will be refunded minus DEPOSIT. All deposits are made in good faith and forfeited if a change of mind/heart occurs. 

~kitten/cat MUST be checked by your vet, at your expense, within 48 hours or 2 business days of buyer taking possession of the kitten/cat. If the kitten/cat is not taken to the vet within this time frame after purchase, the contract is null and void.

 I understand that failure to perform the foregoing agreement will constitute a breach of contract. In the event of any such breach of contract, I authorize the original caregiver/seller to reclaim possession of the adopted cat/kitten.

 Signature on contract agreement indicated that the adoptee/buyer/new caregiver is in full agreeance to above requirements for adoption of a kitten/cat from Storybrooke Cattery.  


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