Top notch show quality boy ~ Brown Tabby & white available as PET $2000

Pet ownership is a lifetime commitment. Please put serious thought behind adding a fur-baby to the family. (Lifespans  usually 12+ years) 

WHAT'S INCLUDED with OUR kittens:

Health certificate
All age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming.
Parasite and fungus free
Negative for PKD via UC Davis lineage
Feline leukemia and aids negative proof provided by blood test (snap)

One-month free pet health insurance (must activate)
One month flea/tick control
One month supply of vitamins
Transitional food to get baby settled in.
Care sheet and welcome kit including grooming supplies, coupons and lots of extras.
All kittens are litter trained and well socialized. We provide you with a form to get free litter which we recommend avoiding accidents.

Pet Prices typically range between $1600-2000 


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