Persian cats are one of the oldest and most well-known breeds. They are quiet, sneaky, and laid-back cat breeds. They love to spend a playful time with their human family and are not over-demanding. They also enjoy fun indoor playful activities.

Storybrooke Persians is all about cute little snub noses cats-the Persian cats. Storybrooke Persians is a small cattery located in the heart of Central Florida. We specialize in the extreme type of Persians and attempt to mirror the CFA and TICA standards.

We also provide the following services if you adopt a little bundle of joy from us:

Health certificate
• All age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming
• Parasite and fungus free
• Negative for PKD via UC Davis lineage
• Feline leukemia and aids negative proof provided by a blood test (snap)

Not only this, we also offer:

One-month free pet insurance (must activate)
• One-month free tick/flea control
• One week’s supply of vitamins
• Transitional food to get the baby settled in
• Care sheet and welcome kit including grooming supplies, coupons, and lots of extras.
• All the kittens are litter trained and well-socialized. We provide you with a form to get free litter which we recommend to avoid accidents.

We have a few cats and work closely with other reputable breeders in the area in an effort to combine the best possible bloodlines and strive for perfection. All our furry buddies are raised underfoot with lots of love and care. They are predominately family pets and are healthy, happy, loved, and well-socialized. Our fur babies are used to all the day-to-day activities and enjoy a busy household. Have a look at our website to go through the adorable pictures of our babies, their deep-colored, attractive eyes will surely convince you to adopt them!


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