All You Need To Know About Different Cat Foods!

Cats have the personality trait of being fussy, sensitive, and are difficult to please.

When it comes to food, they become pickier, and if they are not treated properly, then they might get health concerns!

There are plenty of food options available on the market to feed a cat, but it entirely depends on the best nutritional balance offered to your cat. One needs to consider, which food will suit them the most and which is going to appeal to their taste buds too!

There are 4 food varieties available for your cat- raw, wet food, dry, and semi-moist items. All these items are explained in detail in this article below:


The top cat food-producing companies have spent years in research to provide the best food items that can fulfil all the nutritional requirements in the cat’s body:


This sort of food is usually made by mixing ingredients in a mixer or grinder, then these ingredients are dried by cooking them and put into the desired shape maker.

Dry cat food items include Dry Biscuits, which are like a treat to the cat!

They contain:

  • High Carb Volume which is good for sustainable weight.
  • Grains and cereals are likely to be used so read your product label.
  • They have lower palatability than wet food items, but easy to free feed.
  • Dry food helps keep the mouth healthy, helping to “brush teeth and gums.”
  • The only disadvantage that these food items have is that they can’t be fed to cats that are suffering from oral health such as toothache, falling gums, or mouth pain. In these cases, it is recommended not to go for dry food as they can increase the pain and most likely the cat will not eat or eat enough to sustain proper weight.


Semi-moist food consists of meat chunks with cat gravy, cat jelly, or delicious cat broth. These sorts of food variety are rich in protein, but you must check the authenticity of the product- many companies use soy chunks instead of meat!


Wet food items include of:

  • Meat in gravy or canned food
  • Pieces of fish, chicken or beef smothered in broth.
  • Minced meat
  • Smooth pate

These food items are rich in protein and other nutrients as well.

Search for the “best cat food near me” to get the best for your cat! You should consult a doctor before feeding anything to your cat. They will tell you the best cat food for your furry buddy!


Cats are obligate carnivores, and they need to eat meat! It is essential for their survival. The best way to satisfy this characteristic of a cat’s life is to feed “raw meat”. There are several companies that are producing top quality food to meet their needs. In our experience raw meat has the following benefits:

  • improved digestion
  • Greatly reduced stool odor and volume
  • Healthy coat, less shedding, fewer hairballs
  • Increased energy
  • Weight loss, if overweight
  • Better dental health
  • Better urinary health

Here at Storybrooke we feed both dry and raw foods to optimize our cat’s performance and health needs.


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